About the Conference

The quiet US town of Reedsport, Oregon, founded along the Pacific coast, is famous for its sand dunes. Some sixty years ago, in the 1950s, the Oregon sand was in a constant state of flux, as it absorbed bodies of water, settlements, and entire highways. The writer Frank Herbert was so overwhelmed by this that he even wrote a fantasy novel about it that earned him critical acclaim. Now, imagine it’s the mid-twentieth century and you are traveling around Reedsport, trying to orient yourself by how you remember the area twenty years ago. Do you think you could find your favorite trail or lake? Do they even exist anymore?
The localization of software today is just like such a journey along those Oregon dunes. The landscape is constantly changing at a very fast rate, including the changing of platforms, user requirements, and methods of organizing work and technology. Five years ago, most developers weren’t focused on mobile devices, didn’t use machine translation, hadn’t heard of crowdsourcing, and used poorly integrated localization tools without collaborative functions. Moreover, new products were delay-released in different countries. The world has changed a lot since then.
So, come join us at the Loc Kit conference! Here, you can draw up your plans for carrying out the successful adaptation of your products for the international market. It’ll be a map that won’t lead you to a dead end, buried by the sands of the past.
In April, 2014, the conference will be themed “Case Studies Only.” With such a title that can only mean that there will be lots of examples and practice. Experts from the world’s leading companies will give presentations (Loc Kit 2013 saw presentations by professionals from Acronis, Adobe, Dell, IBM, Kaspersky, and Microsoft, and in 2014 we won’t lower the bar, but the presenters will all be new). Moreover, we plan to have more presenters from the gaming industry. We promise you a comfortable atmosphere and a truly positive experience.